While the exhilarating beach activities are the most popular attractions in the Gold Coast, a number of guests in our luxury apartments also take flights to Broadbeach for a casino holiday in the extravagant Jupiters Casino. Just minutes away from our premium Broadbeach accommodation, Jupiters offers more than 70 table games, including the traditional Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette, and over 1,300 gambling machines like the Spinning Reel and Money Train Hyperlink. Texas Hold'em Poker, Sic Bo, and Mini Baccarat or Jupiters 21 are also on hand for gambling gurus.

A night at the Jupiters guarantees glamour and excitement during your stay at our Gold Coast holiday accommodation. Those who are inexperienced in gaming, however, need to add a few aces up their sleeves to keep the casino fun coming. To make your gambling money last for the whole vacation, here are some useful tips from Boulevard apartments before heading out to a night of risk and rewards at Jupiters:

Cash in wisely

We always recommend guests at our Broadbeach apartments to first set a limit on their gambling money before you go to the casino. Always remember to separate this from the rest of your vacation allowance. It is also important to make a firm resolve to never spend more than your maximum limit. Don’t be too reckless with your money or you might end up falling short. It is also best to set aside half of your prize money after each big winning sessions.

Gaming IQ

Essentially, before you start playing, it is wise to have a good understanding of the game that you are about to play. You’ll always have great advantage if you have mad skills and full knowledge of the game. We usually tell guests visiting our Gold Coast luxury apartments to carefully study and examine how the games are conducted before playing at the casino. Never hesitate to ask the dealer for some clarification if you get confused at some point in the game.

Always play safe

Sometimes it often helps to go unnoticed in dealing with large sums of money especially when you’re visiting a casino. Before deciding to go for the broke, we highly advise tourists staying at Boulevard Towers to secure their hard-earned money (from getting lost or stolen) by depositing their wads of cash to the casino’s cashier. Before you leave the casino, make sure you withdraw all your money. Remember that a little precaution doesn’t hurt.

Cockiness is a chink in a gambler's armor

Amateur gamblers most often fall trap on their own cockiness. Once they start winning big, they become too convinced that they have so much luck on their side. We often remind our Gold Coast holiday makers to always keep their smart hat on and never be overwhelmed by their emotions while playing.

Keep a clear head

Here’s an advice we always give guests in our Gold Coast accommodation. While having a drink seems to compliment any holiday activity, there are just some things that never go well together. That includes drinking alcohol while playing. It’s a proven fact that alcohol at certain amount of intake can cloud your thoughts and better judgment. Moreover, giving free alcoholic drinks is one of the chief strategies of casinos to keep you spending. For you to have the winning hand, always remember that you need to use your head (with some adequate degree of clarity) when playing. Good luck!

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