Are you visiting the Gold Coast and searching for a place to stay? Look no further than Boulevard Towers. Our newly renovated Broadbeach accommodation on the beachfront offers a relaxing beachside atmosphere. But that is not all! 

Boulevard Towers Broadbeach is close to shopping centres, restaurants, theme parks and many other exciting family-friendly attractions. Here’s a list of places you can visit while on the Gold Coast with your family and friends! 

Level Up Arcade 

The arcade is a favourite with children. But what if we told you that there’s a levelled up amusement centre right here in Broadbeach? Level Up Arcade provides excellent entertainment for children, teenagers, and even adults! 

Level Up Arcade, located at The Oasis Shopping Centre, offers a variety of games for people of all ages to enjoy. There are the classic arcade games and an adult games area. There is a pool table, limited-edition pinball machines, and Foxtel in that section. If you’re bringing your kids, you’ll have a place to hang out and relax. You may also enjoy a drink at the licensed bar while taking in the nostalgic vibes.

Level Up Arcade has upped the ante when it comes to prizes! They have Razor scooters with licenses, Nintendos, Nerf guns, Wahu, Star Wars and Marvel merchandise, restaurant and cafe vouchers, special event tickets, and more. You’ll want to play with your entire family and win!

FREAK Gold Coast

Do you have teenages to keep entertained? FREAK Gold Coast offers world-class games and escape rooms in an immersive, multiplayer virtual reality environment. Yes, FREAK brings together cutting-edge multiplayer games, stunning 4D effects, and carefully selected physical settings to help you escape reality.

FREAK has five different experiences to offer.

  1. Arena: Here, you can move around and explore parallel universes in complete freedom. Solve problems or battle for your life. The Arena can hold a maximum of four players.
  2. Escape: Are you a fan of escape rooms? Try this Assasin’s Creed Origins-themed virtual reality escape room game. Will you be able to escape and return to reality?
  3. Drive: Play a racing game and become the ultimate driver in the world’s most realistic, intense, and technically advanced motorsport simulation.
  4. Arcade: In your own personal VR pod, you may play a selection of the most spectacular and addictive VR games.
  5. VR Laser Tag: Tower Tag takes the core of laser tag and places it in a futuristic sci-fi world where up to six players combat in teams while jumping across towers high in the sky.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Yes, you certainly can! If you’re frightened of skydiving but want to experience the thrill, indoor diving is the way to go. The only difference is that you won’t be jumping and plummeting thousands of feet. For flyers as young as three years old, iFLY provides a safe, enjoyable, and overall great experience. You fly lightly on a cushion of controlled air once the adventure begins. 

Experienced instructors will assist you in preparing for your flight. Make sure to schedule your flight and dress comfortably in casual clothing with closed-toe shoes. You will not need to change, but you will need to put your flying suit on top of it. For safety reasons, do not use loose-hanging items or accessories.

Then simply relax, pay attention to your instructor, and enjoy your flight!


Are you familiar with the term hologram? You’ve probably seen one or more if you watched films like the epic space opera franchise Star Wars and the science-fiction franchise Star Trek. It’s similar to that, but the hologram at this Entertainment Centre known as Holoverse is hi-tech and engaging.

You can choose which type of Holoverse you want to experience. They have:

  • Holographic Monster Escape Room: There are two versions of this room in the Holoverse. One is for young people, while the other is for children, which is less frightening. The goal is to get out of the room while utilising the hologram objects and equipment.
  • Dinosaur Adventure: This is something that the entire family can enjoy. You need to enter a Hologram Room. You get to journey through ten different situations for the ultimate dinosaur adventure. Remember that everything will be in real-world proportions, so some will be pretty large. Now prepare to see these magnificent creatures face to face.
  • Holographic Aquarium: Interested in swimming with life-sized holographic whales or exploring the depths of the ocean in a submarine? There’s a lot more you can do in this 30-minute adventure that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Holosports: Do you have a competitive streak? You and your buddies can compete in seven entertaining sporting events using holographic equipment. Weightlifting, jogging, diving, fencing, archery, throwing, and ping pong are among the sports available. The winning team receives fantastic gifts.
  • Lost Island Flyover: Do you want to fly? You can pass across fascinating islands and more in this Hologram Room.
  • Holographic Arcade: You’ll never want to go to a regular arcade again. Racing, aeroplanes, crocodiles, cave explorers, catapults, Unicorns vs Narwhales, and many other games are available in this holographic room. And every school holiday, they add new games.
  • Giant Scratchy: To win a prize, you must scratch off all of the panels and find three of the same object using the latest extensive touch screen technology. The following symbol uncovered is determined by the order in which you scratch each sign.

All of these local attractions will undoubtedly be enjoyed by the entire family. So go reserve an accommodation Broadbeach ocean views at Boulevard Towers for quick access. You can also avail of our special discount if you book directly with us. Enjoy the Broadbeach beachfront apartments, complimentary WiFi and in-room Foxtel, local gym discounts, and more while saving 10% on your visit!

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