Holiday preparations can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming especially when you’re taking an out of town trips and bringing in the entire family. At Boulevard Towers, we understand that planning and organising a holiday with the family can be quite stressful at times and that is why we have compiled a simple list of things you can do in order for you to carry on with a wonderful holiday minus the avoidable hassles.

  1. In order to get the best deals and booking discounts, it is great to plan and book ahead of time. Most airlines give bigger discounts for the early birds.
  2. Make a travel list and include your daily itinerary and everything else that you wish to do on your Gold Coast holiday. List down the the famous tourists spots as well as of vibrant local hubs you want to visit. Theme parks will also be a great place to go to especially during family holidays.
  3. After finalising your itinerary and booking all your tours and reservations, you may now start listing down items on your packing list that are necessary for your family holiday. If you plan to spend lots of time in the beach make sure to bring swimsuits, sunblocks as well as beach volleyball or maybe toy buckets and shovels for the kids to use for making sand castles.
  4. Get the kids to pack their own bags. You can help them in selecting clothes and things that are needed for your holiday trip in the Gold Coast. It is also good to include some toys, play cards, handheld game consoles as well as their favourite books to keep them entertained while travelling.
  5. Luggage sometimes tend to get lost, we often advise visitors to our family accommodation Broadbeach to always bring a carry-on bag especially when travelling by air. You can easily look after your important belongings when you keep it your carry-on bag. Essential items such as your maintenance medications, passports, and travel documents should be placed inside the carry-on bag.
  6. For guests at our Gold Coast apartments who opt to bring their own vehicles should make sure that your car is in good condition before leaving for your house. It would also be very helpful if you mapped out your trip ahead of time.
  7. If you’re planning to go abroad for your holiday, make sure to learn a couple of useful conversational phrases in foreign language. You should have adequate knowledge about the locality that you will be visiting. Know the exchange rates and know where to best place to get better value on your cash.

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